Did You Know Ants & Snakes Are Taking Over Your AC Unit?

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All of the rain in San Antonio this summer is forcing critters to find higher ground. That means ants and snakes are creeping and slithering into your exterior air conditioning unit. Nobody wants that. Not only is it just plain creepy, but it can cause some operational issues for your system. Here’s why this happens and how Tiger Services Air Conditioning & Heating can help you keep your air conditioner clear of creepy crawlies.

Why Creepy Crawlies Cause Problems With Your AC Unit

Snakes in San Antonio seek shelter in your air conditioner unit from the perpetually wet and hot weather. Ants are attracted to the buzzing sound that your air conditioning unit makes when it operates. But their new choice in homes can cause issues for your system. They can clog up your exterior system and cause it to run less efficiently. Ants damage electronics by forming bridges between the electrical contacts and shorting them out, while snakes coil themselves around parts of your unit, making it difficult for them to operate properly. There are a few ways to clear your system, and keep it clear, though.

How Tiger Can Keep Your System Clear

The sooner you take action the better. But it’s most desirable to prevent the problem with regular air conditioner maintenance. The best way to keep your system clear of these little crawly critters is to have regular visits from your trusted Tiger Services air conditioning technician.

You can also keep ants at bay by sprucing up the area around your system. Planting mint around your air conditioner is a great way to ward off ants. For some reason, ants really seem to hate mint. Something in its scent compound keeps ants away.

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioner due to an invasion by ants or  snakes, call Tiger Services today at 210-344-0060. We’ll make sure your system is cleared, and your home is comfortable.



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