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4 Parts of Your Home That Are Losing You Money – Part 1

Are you losing a growing amount of money to your energy bills and don’t know why? It could be that you’re losing your money the same way you’re losing your cool/warm air. Energy consumption increases when your heating and cooling system overworks to compensate for loss. The good news is, Tiger Services is here to help keep that money in your wallet.

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Clogged Drain Lines Create Disasters

water damaged floor board from clogged drain line

What do you do when you notice leaking or standing water around your air conditioner? Call Tiger Services because this may mean your air conditioner condensate drain is clogged. Other signs of a clogged drain line include water spots and damage and rust on your furnace. Clogged drains may be an indicator of mold elsewhere in your home. We offer same day service to San Antonio so call if you have questions about liquids near your air conditioner or keeping your drain line clear.

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Here’s How Attic Tents Can Lower Your Utility Bill Season After Season

man enjoying attic tents

You put hundreds of dollars into insulating your home’s attic against outside elements. But, unless you address the airflow between the attic and the rest of your home, you still pay big utility bills every month. Why? Because your furnace and AC struggle 24/7 to heat and cool this extra room.

The solution is to install an attic tent and lower your bills year-round.

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Tiger Services AC save money piggy bank AC repair AC maintenance

ROI: Energy Savings On Air Conditioner Replacement

San Antonio summers can be challenging for air conditioning systems. The oppressive heat can be difficult to beat with an old, inefficient system. Not only does it have a hard time keeping your home comfortable, it can also suck you dry when it comes to utility costs. Replacing your old air conditioning system with a more efficient one can have several benefits. Here’s a breakdown of just how much a return you could see on your investment in a new system.

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Tiger Services AC wins Angie's List award 2014 AC repair AC maintenance

Tiger Services Nabs Coveted Award

At Tiger Services Air Conditioning & Heating, we pride ourselves on being a group of technicians with stupendous customer service. While all of our employees are masters of their craft, they are also customer service experts. That’s because we aren’t a business without our customers – and we value each and every single person who trusts us to get the job done for them. That’s why we are so proud to be honored with the coveted Angie’s Super Service Award for our performance as a company in 2014.

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Tiger Services AC technician with a thumbs up AC repair AC maintenance

Why San Antonio Air Conditioning Technicians Are So Busy In Early Spring

This time of the year air conditioning system drains are at risk of clogging. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable evil in life. And it’s a common problem we see in the San Antonio area in the Spring. Why? Because the conditions are perfect. The air conditioning experts at Tiger Services Air Conditioning & Heating explain this phenomenon and how you can help prevent clogged AC drains from becoming a problem for your home.

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Tiger Services AC angry bear woken from hibernation AC repair AC maintenance

How To Wake Your Air Conditioner From Winter Hibernation

Your San Antonio area home’s air conditioner has been sitting dormant all winter. Soon, it will be ready to wake up and roar once again, just like a hibernating bear. When it wakes from its long slumber, your air conditioner is going to have a few kinks to work out. Air conditioning systems and bears have a lot more in common than you might think. Here’s why you need to tame your air conditioner before it has a chance to turn into a scary beast.

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Tiger Services AC customer reviews AC repair AC maintenance

Tell Tiger Services If We’ve Earned Our Stripes

We like to have a lot of fun with our jobs here at Tiger Services Air Conditioning & Heating, but when it comes to the quality of our customer service and service in general, we are dead serious. That’s why it just tickles our fancy when our past and current customers leave us reviews. We are all about transparency, and customer reviews keep us accountable. They show us where we are already hitting the mark, as well as where we need to make some improvement. If you’re not sure how to even leave us a review, we will make it simple for you. Below is our Tiger Services step-by-step guide to reviewing our company, our service, and our employees.

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