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We don’t pay attention to our home air filters and their cleaning or replacement if our HVAC system is working properly. Our negligence activates a series of maintenance issues as well as health problems. When the filter is full of dust, fur, and other particles it results in overloading HVAC system which directly increases the energy consumption. Your system performance decreases up to 40%, and it also needs frequent maintenance. You might need to spend a huge sum of money to change system parts after a year or two.

Timely replacement and cleaning of the home air filters is essential to increase the life of your HVAC system. It improves the overall performance of the system. It also cuts the energy consumption and maintenance cost. On the other hand, the air quality inside your place improves with periodical air filter replacement. The health risk minimizes and chances of having allergy problems reduces up to 32%.

Things to Consider For Air Filter Replacement

San Antonio Air Filtration Services provides ideal air filter replacement and helps you deal with concerns relevant to the replacement of your filters.

  • The quality and type of air filter you are using in your HVAC system
  • The overall air quality inside your home.
  • The size of your home and power of your HVAC system
  • Number of pets in your home
  • Number of people living in a home
  • The level of air pollution in your town
  • Nearby activities like construction, commercial traffic, etc.
  • Allergies common among the residents

Air Filter Change

Type of Filter

Air filters are available in various sizes and shapes. A low-quality filter barely performs the function of improving the air quality in your home. It also cost you more as you have to change it more often than a quality air filter. You can ask Air Conditioning repair in San Antonio to vacuum or wash the air filter to enhance its useful life.

You must replace a low-quality fiberglass filter after thirty days or maximum ninety days. For a quality filter, the replacement job must be done after six to eight months. Tiger Services can replace your filters at affordable prices –give them a call to know more.

Pets at Your Home

Pets have fur or feathers on their bodies which accelerates the dust and particle deposition process while cleaning the air inside your home. It is recommended to change the air filter after two to three months if you have a single or up to four pets. For more than four pets in a home, it is recommended to change the filter every month. Tiger Services recommends the pet owners to clean the air filter with a vacuum after 15 days to avoid the risk of allergy attacks. In case you are busy ask HVAC Repair San Antonio to schedule cleaning and replacement of air filter at your convenience.

Air Conditioner Installation Services always clarifies about link between the size of home and HVAC system but people pay less attention to it. The system takes time, and the level of air quality is low if your home is big, but the HVAC system is not of high power. If more than six people are living in a house, the functionality of the system becomes poorer. In such cases you Tiger Services recommends you to change your air filter after every two months if have pets and after four months if there are no pets at your home.

In case anyone at your home has asthma or allergy problem, any construction going on nearby, or the overall air quality of your town is poor, it is highly recommended to change the air filter after six weeks. Timely air filter change minimizes health concerns related to the respiratory system.


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