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Tiger Services is the company to call in San Antonio for air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups.

Air conditioner & furnace maintenance rewards you with lower utility bills and fewer hassles.

Just as you wouldn’t go on a road trip without having your car checked out, heating and cooling maintenance is essential to homeowners who count on their equipment as much as we do in South Texas.

For a hassle-free and safe year, make sure your air conditioner is checked in the summer and your heater is checked in the winter.

Your furnace and air conditioner can either make or break your home comfort — and dictate energy bills. Ignoring signs that they aren’t working properly, and delaying service, can result in serious problems, such as breaking down more often and high utility bills.

Benefits of A Tune-Up Include:

Benefits of The Tiger Service Maintenance Agreement Program

Our goal is to keep you happy, safe, and comfortable.

To enroll in our Maintenance Agreement Program, call Tiger Services at (210) 344-0060 today or simply fill out the form to schedule your air conditioner or furnace tune-up and watch us earn our stripes.

As a part of our Amazing Maintenance, we also offer a 21-step check for Air Conditioners and Gas Furnaces!

Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Precision Tune-Up & Professional Cleaning

  • Monitor refrigerant charge for proper pressures
  • Check temperature differentials across oil
  • Inspect high-voltage connections
  • Make sure thermostat is operating properly
  • Inspect the evaporator coil for restrictions
  • Replace air filters
  • Disinfect the return air chamber and blower
  • Monitor blower motor for high amp draw
  • Monitor blower motor for bearing issues
  • Inspect the blower wheel for restrictions
  • Test the blower motor capacitor
  • Monitor compressor for high amp draw
  • Monitor condenser fan motor for high amp draw
  • Inspect electrical wiring for loose connections
  • Flush the condensate drain line to prevent water from backing up into the house
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Inspect the contactor for any issues
  • Test the compressor capacitor
  • Inspect / test any circuit boards
  • Inspect electrical breaker
  • Test the start kits for compressors

Gas Furnace: Safety Inspection & Professional Cleaning

  • Inspect heat exchanger for hazardous conditions, such as carbon monoxide issues
  • Clean furnace burners
  • Check exhaust venting for proper ventilation
  • Look for gas leaks at the furnace
  • Test pilot safety device
  • Inspect igniter for defects
  • Inspect inducer fan assembly
  • Check temperature limit controls
  • Monitor blower motor for high electrical draw
  • Monitor blower motor for bearing issues
  • Test the blower motor capacitor
  • Inspect / test any circuit boards
  • Check power cord assembly and receptacle
  • Inspect the emergency cut off valve for the gas
  • Make sure carbon monoxide alarms are working
  • Test fan operation
  • Check temperatures differentials across heater
  • Inspect the air plenum for air leakage
  • Visually inspect air ducts in attic (if requested)
  • Inspect the vent pipe for any safety concerns
  • Replace the air filters

Tiger Services financing options

Call Tiger Services to ask about our financing options with approved credit. We service San Antonio residents and the surrounding areas. Getting a new air conditioning system can be a difficult process. Let the Heating & AC experts at Tiger Services help you finance and install your new AC system.


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Tiger Services Air Conditioning and Heating Services is experienced at repairing HVAC and heat systems and have been in the business of keeping San Antonio comfortable since 1990. Tiger Services Air Conditioning and Heating Services at (210) 361-1926 today if you need an air conditioner or heating services. We respect your privacy and will never share your information.

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