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Room Air Purifier OR A House Air Purifier by iWave

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Room Air Purifier gives you 7 stages of purification. This purifier is unique as it eliminates stubborn smells like smoke and cooking odors that are in the air and on surfaces in one room.

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iWave is a whole-house air purifier that creates a healthy environment and works in any HVAC system. It reduces pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air.

Protects Against

Air purifiers are excellent means for combatting hazardous pathogens and allergens that are lingering in the air of your home. By treating the air throughout the home, your indoor air quality greatly improves as deadly pathogens are significantly reduced. These purification systems are ideal for all homeowners since they require little to no maintenance (no bulbs or part replacements necessary). Breathe clean and safe indoor air like never before! Tiger Services values our clients' well-being, which is why we will always prioritize the quality of their home's air.

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Call Tiger Services to ask about our financing options with approved credit. We service San Antonio residents and the surrounding areas. Getting a new air conditioning system can be a difficult process. Let the AC experts at Tiger Services help you finance and install your new AC system.


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