4 Parts of Your Home That Are Losing You Money – Part 1

Are you losing a growing amount of money to your energy bills and don’t know why? It could be that you’re losing your money the same way you’re losing your cool/warm air. Energy consumption increases when your heating and cooling system overworks to compensate for loss. The good news is, Tiger Services is here to help keep that money in your wallet.

Here is the first part of our series on the four parts of your home that affect your energy conservation, and how to keep them from costing you more in the long run:

tiger services caulking windows

#1 Your Windows & Doors

A lot of people don’t think about the seals around their windows and doors when they think about their home’s energy consumption. However, if the seals are cracked, worn or even missing, you could be losing a lot of cool/warm air through them. This causes your San Antonio air conditioner or furnace to have to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, thus costing you more. Weatherizing your home can help to keep that cost down and save your home a lot of energy.

You don’t have to buy new windows

We have all heard about the newer construction windows that are more energy efficient. Though it’s exciting to see developments in technology, replacing  windows isn’t an option for all homeowners. There are plenty of less drastic, and less costly, ways to keep your energy bills down.

Seal gaps and cracks around your window. Caulk and expanding foam sealants are available and are relatively inexpensive. Make sure to only use caulk and foam on stationary parts of your home. For example, weatherstripping is better suited for moving parts of windows and doors, caulk for stationary small gaps, and expanding foam for wider stationary gaps.

You can also increase the energy efficiency of your windows by shading them with awnings and foliage. You can also use drapes or blinds inside. Drapes and blinds, when closed during the day, better insulate your home to keep solar heat out and cool air in.

Weatherizing your windows

Gaps around your doors are letting your conditioned air escape and allow outside air inside. Weatherstripping can be applied to all sides of exterior doors, and also improves air quality by keeping bugs and mold outside, without breaking the bank. Your doors should be so tight that a piece of paper is unable to pass through, or be pulled out, easily without tearing.

You have many options when weatherizing your doors and the areas around them. Materials such as weatherstripping and rubber door sweeps are common solutions for homeowners. Weatherstripping, if chosen, should be applied to the inside of the door jam creating a seal for the door. If using caulk, make sure to only use it around the stationary door casing.

Can’t wait to lower those energy bills? Tiger Services would love to help you reduce the costs of heating & cooling your home. Don’t hesitate to call (210) 344-0060 today!

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