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Which Kind of Dehumidifier Is Right for Your Home?

Excess moisture can cause significant damage to your home such as mold, decay, and insect infestations. A foul smell in your house, sticky skin, and sweat are just a few of the issues you face daily when living with too much moisture.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Acquiring a dehumidifier helps avoid such annoyances, health hazards, and financial strain. Once you’ve chosen to buy a dehumidifier you need to decide which kind of dehumidifier is right for your home.

There are pros and cons to both whole house and portable units so we have broken down the differences for you.

Pros to Buying a Portable Dehumidifier:

  • They are more affordable upfront.
  • You can move the unit around the house.
  • These units are easy to set up and begin using quickly.

Cons to Buying a Portable Dehumidifier:

  • Portable units don’t last as long.
  • These units tend to be louder than whole house.
  • There’s more maintenance required.
  • You have to empty out the water tank every it fills up.

Pros to Buying a Whole-House Dehumidifier:

  • These units are so quiet, you’ll hardly be able to hear it.
  • Most whole home units have better air filters than portable units.
  • Once installed, there’s minimal maintenance required.
  • Whole house units are more energy-efficient.

Cons to Buying a Whole-House Dehumidifier:

  • They are more expensive upfront.
  • Your whole home unit will require professional installation.
  • Once installed, they are hard to take with you if you relocate.

Save Money Over Time

At first glance it seems like purchasing a portable unit saves money. Prices of portable units range from one hundred to three hundred dollars compared to whole house units that cost around 1,200 dollars, which makes portable units seem significantly cheaper. However, the cost of replacing them after a year of constant wear and tear and more energy usage makes their cost rise over time.

You might be surprised to learn that a whole house unit uses less energy than a portable unit, but it’s true. A whole house unit controls the humidity throughout your entire house for less energy than a portable unit which only controls the humidity in one room. This savings of energy also means lower utility bills during operation.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Cost and a difficult installation process are usually what give people pause when considering a whole house unit. A portable unit will be easier to install and set up. A whole home unit will require a professional to install it directly into your heating and air conditioning system. However, since a whole house unit installs into your existing heating and air system it provides no excess noise and doesn’t take up extra space.

A whole house unit requires little upkeep. All that’s required of you is the filter change. Depending on how often you use your dehumidifier replacement of the filter is only every six months to two years. A portable unit requires more effort to maintain. You need to clean it regularly, and this includes emptying the water bucket often. Leaving standing water results in health hazards for you and your family. This is a hassle that you should definitely factor into your decision.

Cleaner Air & Less Hassle

Along with removing moisture from your entire home, a whole house unit has better filters that remove more pollutants and make the air you breathe safer. You’ll have less pollutants and pollen from outdoor air. Mold and dust mites thrive in moist air and use of a dehumidifier will decrease those allergens flying around your home.


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