Clogged Drain Lines Create Disasters

water damaged floor board from clogged drain line

What do you do when you notice leaking or standing water around your air conditioner? Call Tiger Services because this may mean your air conditioner condensate drain is clogged. Other signs of a clogged drain line include water spots and damage and rust on your furnace. Clogged drains may be an indicator of mold elsewhere in your home. We offer same day service to San Antonio so call if you have questions about liquids near your air conditioner or keeping your drain line clear.

What Are Signs of a Clogged Drain?

Standing water

Take a look at your air conditioner unit once a month to check for standing water. Standing water isn’t a regular occurrence for a correctly functioning unit. If found, it’s likely an indication that you have a clogged drain line. Standing water can lead to hazardous conditions such as water damage and mold.

Full drip pan

You should check your air conditioner unit, not only to look for standing water, but to see if the drip pan is full. A consistently full drip pan indicates a problem, and the standing water allows mold to grow. Rust on your furnace is a hint that water is overflowing from your drip pan.

Signs of water damage

Dark streaks on your walls, as well as spots on your ceiling, are signs that you have a leak. A musty smell in your home points to mold growth that’s often caused by a clogged drain line.

When your air conditioner’s drain line becomes clogged, it causes numerous problems for you and your home. It’s an issue that should be fixed quickly before it becomes a bigger mess. If not repaired, a clogged drain line has the potential to create disasters for your home that will cost you thousands of dollars. Your interior and furnishings are at risk, not just your air conditioning system. The following are a few of the problems your home may face if your drain line becomes clogged.

Water damage

Your drain line can lead to leaks and cause water damage. It forces the water inside to go places it shouldn’t. The water backs up in the drain pan and leaks into areas such as your walls or ceiling. Water damage compromises the structure of your home. If you notice water spots, buckling walls, or soggy floors, you need to address the situation quickly. Repairs of this scale will be costly and stressful. Avoid the hassle with regular maintenance and keep an eye on your systems.


Your clogged drain line is a breeding ground for all kinds of harmful contaminants. Mold, mildew, and bacteria thrive in drain lines allowed to clog. Why create a hazard to your health?

Possible fire risk

The backed up water that leaks into your home has the potential to also leak into your air conditioner’s electrical components. If that happens, you’re at risk of starting a house fire.
Look out for the signs that your drain line has become clogged. If you notice any of these call Tiger Services to flush the drain line and examine your home for other concerns.

Prevent Clogged Drain Lines with an Annual Tune-Up

tiger services ceiling water damage

Clogged drain lines are common, but they are also easily prevented. Taking the proper measures to avoid drain line issues is as simple as scheduling a yearly tune up for your air conditioner. Tune ups, and professional cleaning, can go a long way and save you a lot of unwanted problems in the long run. Tiger Services is here to help. We’ll clean the drain to prevent harmful clogging, so that you don’t experience any of the difficulties that would arise from the blockage later on.

If you want to prevent clogged drain line damage or you want to reduce the cost of heating & cooling in your home with your own attic tent, call Tiger Services today at (210) 344-0060!

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