How to Fix a Leaking AC Unit & Top 3 Causes


How to Fix a Leaking AC Unit & Top 3 Causes

If you have a central air conditioning system in your home, you have more than likely experienced a water leak from your unit at one point. Causes for these AC water leaks can vary but are always an inconvenience to deal with. So, continue reading and you just might figure out what’s causing your air conditioner to leak and how to better prepare yourself!

Do you have an AC water leak?

Tiger Services is proud to provide homeowners in the San Antonio area with the essential tips and tricks they need to properly maintain their HVAC systems.

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Replace Your Home Air Filters Before the Need Knocks

Air Filtration Services

We don’t pay attention to our home air filters and their cleaning or replacement if our HVAC system is working properly. Our negligence activates a series of maintenance issues as well as health problems. When the filter is full of dust, fur, and other particles it results in overloading HVAC system which directly increases the energy consumption. Your system performance decreases up to 40%, and it also needs frequent maintenance. You might need to spend a huge sum of money to change system parts after a year or two.

Timely replacement and cleaning of the home air filters is essential to increase the life of your HVAC system. It improves the overall performance of the system. It also cuts the energy consumption and maintenance cost. On the other hand, the air quality inside your place improves with periodical air filter replacement. The health risk minimizes and chances of having allergy problems reduces up to 32%.

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So, What Are You Going To Do About Those Allergies?

Tiger Services AC couple with winter sneezing fit AC repair AC maintenance

Allergy Season Is In Full Effect

Nothing is worse than having to deal with vexatious allergies. Especially when it means having to carry eye drops and tissues around with you every day. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) came out with a recent report saying that this past Fall, San Antonio was ranked fourth on the “most challenging places to live with allergies this year”. So why are you still putting up with them? Maybe it’s time to further assess why you are suffering so much.

Why Are My Allergies So Bad?

When it comes to allergies, it is almost inevitable that the cause is directly related to the mold and pollen count, as well as changes in the weather. What isn’t inevitable is the way you prepare for allergies.

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Importance of having your heating system repaired for winter

Heating Repair System
Heating Repair System

Along with other preparations for winter, maintenance and repairs of your heating system is important to ensure that you are ready to beat the cold. The climate of San Antonio is extremely cold between November and February. Searching for an HVAC repair San Antonio service can be a big hassle in a peak season where service providers might overcharge you for simple task.

It goes without saying that everybody hates frequent HVAC system failures in winter season. Therefore, as a property owner you should consider Heating and Air Conditioning Repair before the start of the season. But, the question here arises if you really need a repair service even the system is working fine? If yes, why?

Your HVAC system might be working optimally, however, it loses its efficacy as the time passes by. Here are a few points to elaborate on the importance of having your heating system repaired for winter.

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5 Trustworthy Tips on Choosing an HVAC Service Company

HVAC Service Company

The term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems which are used to manage temperature and humidity level as per requirements. The commercial systems are huge and have the tendency to cater to mid-size buildings, industrial complexes, hotels and apartment blocks whereas small systems are capable of controlling one or two unit homes.

Both varieties of systems work slightly different, and only a highly professional HVAC Repair Service can maintain and fix the problems of a commercial unit. On the other hand, the small unit`s repairing task requires limited skills and proficiency.

In case, your system is not working properly, and you require an HVAC Repair Service; understand that only a trustworthy and efficient contractor or company can serve you best. Going for the substandard service provider is next to putting the whole system at risk.

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4 Qualities To Look For in A Heating Repair Service Providers

heating repair service

Winter season is here now, and you might have to focus on home maintenance tasks. Among so many things the heating system is the most prominent requirement of home or offices. Heating system issues are like a headache as they never end up and keep on disturbing time to time. If you have not selected an appropriate heating repair service, you can end up losing hundreds of bucks and won`t get a properly working heating system even after that.

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Are You and Your family at Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The upcoming cold, Winter months may bring a higher chance of being exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Carbon Monoxide Alarm – Tiger Services
Don’t be cavalier about CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning, this odorless and colorless gas is lethal. To make this gas anymore concerning, CO can be found in fumes, caused by fuel burned in vehicles, small engines, gas stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces and furnaces – basically everyday equipment. To learn more about how you may be affected and how you can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, continue reading.

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Welcome Sears Home Services Customers to the Tiger Services Family!

Welcome Sears Home Services Customers to Tiger Services
A trusted relationship with your air conditioning company is something that every homeowner wants. If you are a homeowner who previously worked with Sears Home Services to provide you with air conditioning services and is now looking for a new San Antonio air conditioning company, look no further! Tiger Services is trained, certified and trusted to provide the absolute best services when it comes to taking care of your heating and air conditioning system. If you give us a call, we would be more than happy to walk you through all of the exceptional services that we offer. (210) 344-0060

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R22 Is Phasing Out! What Will You Do?

Stay Informed on the R22 Phaseout

What is Happening with R22?

For those of you who don’t know, R22 is the reason why your air conditioning system produces cold air. You might have heard of the term “Freon”, which is the same thing as R22. It is the chemical refrigerant that gives your AC system an actual purpose: to cool your home. Because R22 is one of the many contributors to depleting Earth’s ozone layer, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (along with many other organizations around the world) has prohibited its continued used and is beginning its phasing out in 2018.

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Tiger Services is the #1 Aprilaire Filter Retailer for San Antonio

Tiger Services has always taken pride in providing the absolute best air to homes in the San Antonio area. It brings our company nothing but pride and happiness to be the #1 Aprilaire filter retailer in San Antonio! For years Tiger Services has delivered exceptional indoor air quality with Aprilaire to San Antonio residents time and time again.

The proof is in the air! When you can breathe easier and have clean air restored to your home, there is no reason to ever settle for anything less. Aprilaire filters remove allergens and odors from your living space and are 99.97% effective! To make sure you’re getting the right filter, Tiger Services offers a wide range of filters to choose from that are specially designed to maximize the performance for your unique air system.

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