$29 AC Tune Ups:

You Get What You Pay For

Regular preventive maintenance keeps your cooling system working properly and boosts efficiency. It reduces ongoing expenses and extends the life of the equipment. When searching for a contractor to perform this maintenance, it may be tempting to hire the lowest-cost provider. This can be a mistake. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is true for HVAC work. Before you hire a contractor who offers a “$29 AC tune-up” or other low-priced service, carefully consider what you want from AC maintenance. Ask what you are likely to receive for the bargain-basement price.

How Can A Company Offer A $29 Tune-Up?

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An “introductory special” is when a product or service is offered at a reduced price. It is a common and effective marketing technique. If you see an offer for an AC tune-up at a low price from a reputable HVAC service provider, the company is probably trying to attract your attention and initiate a client/customer relationship. The company then has the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise, promptness, reliability and professionalism.

When a reliable Air Conditioning company provides a low-cost introductory AC tune-up, the technician performs the same tasks at the same level as a standard-priced maintenance visit. If favorably impressed, you become a new customer. Your value over time as a regular customer makes up for the loss on the cost of the tune-up.

Disadvantages of a $29 Tune-Up

In some cases, the offer of an inexpensive AC tune-up may hide motives that are unethical, or even, borderline criminal. A disreputable HVAC company may use the inexpensive AC tune-up for other purposes such as:

  • Sell unneeded equipment and services. Customers, unfamiliar with the complexities of air conditioning equipment, may not know what they do, or do not, actually need.
  • Falsely claim entire systems need to be replaced. In general, air conditioning systems should work reliably for 15 to 20+ years before replacement. A disreputable company may claim an AC system is dangerous, or unsafe in some way. They may say the system must be replaced when it doesn’t need to be.
  • Boost profits by performing minimal or substandard work. A quick trip in and out does not indicate a thorough maintenance visit. A disreputable company may skip steps, leave faulty components in place or just not perform effective maintenance.
  • Encourage dishonesty among technicians working on commission. In these cases, techs often receive a percentage of the price of any additional service, repair or maintenance work generated during the tune-up visit. This can encourage dishonesty (telling someone they need something they don’t), shoddy work (laying the groundwork for a future malfunction or problem that will need repair) or deliberate sabotage (damaging or disconnecting parts and components to cause breakdowns requiring a return visit).

What Should You Do When You See Low-Cost AC Tune-Up Offers?

Do not assume that an air conditioning company offering specials or inexpensive prices on an AC tune-up engages in unsavory practices. A low-cost maintenance offer should simply trigger caution on your part. Make sure the company is one you can trust. If the company is unknown to you, check them out before hiring them.

  • Ask friends, relatives or colleagues for recommendations, or information, about experiences with particular Air Conditioning companies.
  • Ask the company for references and check at least three of them.
  • Assess the company’s general reputation in your area.
  • Ask the company for licensing information and details on technician certification and training. Also, ask if they are members in any HVAC industry organizations, such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.
  • Further your research on websites such as Facebook, Google+, Yelp, BBB and Angie’s List.

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